13 Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks For Your Big Day

13 Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks For Your Big Day

Are you looking for wedding makeup tips for the biggest day of your life – your wedding?! You’ve come to the right place, ladies, because we’ve put together some tips to keep in mind when planning your larger-than-life wedding day look! Keep on reading for easy makeup tips that will keep you looking flawless all day long!

13 Wedding Makeup Tips For Your Big Day
What a grand time it must be for you and your soon-to-be husband! You will now forge a bond that will last forever and embark upon one of life’s greatest journeys together! But before you start dreaming about what married life will be like, you have to first make sure that you look perfect on your big day. It is going to be a day-long event and you’ll be photographed from day to night. Here are 13 wedding makeup tips and tricks that will keep your looking gorgeous all day long!

When it comes to big events like this (and how often are you getting married? Only once, we hope!), you should always be prepared. Check out the tips below to find out how!

1. A little more goes a long way.
On your wedding day, you can scrap the line “less is more”. Why? On your big day, the camera will be following you everywhere you go and might blow you out in photos. This is why putting on a little more makeup will do you more good than harm. The camera, plus the lights, will do a number on your makeup. You don’t want to look washed out in your photos, ladies, so don’t be afraid to put on that full face.

2. Prep your face properly.
Again, your wedding day will be a day-long event and your makeup should be able to last until the last minute of the celebration. Hence, prepping your face before applying makeup is crucial to the lasting effect of your look. Use a face primer, an eyeshadow primer and a lip primer (you can’t be too safe on your wedding day!). Not only will primers help your makeup last longer, they’ll also smooth your face out by filling in fine lines and pores.

3. Use the appropriate concealers.
Your skin and makeup should look flawless and photo-ready on your big day, which is why you need to use the right concealers for whatever it is that you want to hide. (We’ve all seen these trauma-inducing makeup blunders.) Aside from just covering, you must also color correct any uneven patches of skin. If you’re concealing a blemish or red spots, use a concealer with a yellow hint. If you’re covering dark under eye circles, use a concealer with a salmon peach hint.

4. Blush your apples.
Forget what others are saying about blush application for this moment. If you want your cheeks to have that natural flush look all day, you must apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Blushes with pink tones are always best for wedding makeup because they look more natural.

5. Go with lip stains instead.
The problem with using lipstick is that even though the pigment is great, you will find yourself frequently retouching your lips every so often. You’ll be kissing your soon-to-be husband a lot of times and you might also give some kisses to your friends and relatives, so using lipstick isn’t such a good idea. Instead, use a lip stain because it sticks to the lips better and stays longer too. Lip stains do not come off easily, so keep that in mind when the celebration is over and it’s just you and your now-husband. To bring your lip stain to life, add some lipstick and gloss on top.

6. Perfect eyebrows.
If there was ever a day that required perfect eyebrow game, this is it, girl! Shape and fill them in to the tee. Your eyebrows must be on point. This will frame your face and make you look even more polished in your photos. Further, avoid darker shades on your wedding day. You want a more natural look and dark shades are just too harsh.

7. Keep it waterproof.
Even if the weather forecasts tell you that it will be a sunny day on your big day, going waterproof with your makeup is the best way to go. Not only are you averting a potential makeup disaster when the sky starts to pour (heaven forbid that happen), you are also protecting your makeup from humidity and sweat (remember, you will be dancing a lot too!). And of course, the tears of joy shouldn’t ruin the mascara as well.

8. Get the lip color right.
If there’s one thing wedding makeup looks have in common, it’s that the eye makeup is always natural and minimal. Thus, if you’re relying on having some color in your look, reserve that for your lips and cheeks only. Since a lot of bridal makeup looks use pinkish blue undertones, choosing the right lipstick is key to completing your look. Some brides go with red, while most go with a cotton candy pink. Light purple is also a great choice if you can pull it off (which we know you can).

9. Cake liners are better.
There are two reasons why you should ditch your pencil eyeliner on your wedding day and use a cake liner instead. First, cake liner lasts all day and it won’t smudge. The next reason is that it will help make your lashes look thicker and fuller when you fill in between the lashes. With pencil, you’ll have a harder time getting in there.

10. Wear false eyelashes.
It is essential that you use false eyelashes on this very special occasion. You’d want your eyes to appear bigger. False eyelashes also give a more dramatic effect to the eyes, which creates a more captivating look both in real life and in photos. You may opt to use a false eyelash strip or just apply individual lashes. Either way, using false eyelashes is a must.

11. Highlight.
Although contouring isn’t a huge deal when it comes to bridal makeup, highlighting is important. You need to be able to highlight your facial features like the brow bone, nose, eyes and cheekbones. For the highlighter, go for a matte shade rather than a shimmery one. We recommend YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighter13 Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks For Your Big Day.

12. Take no risks.
Do not take risks with your bridal makeup. This is why brides have to do makeup tests weeks before their wedding day in order to assess what kind of look works best for them. Please don’t make any hasty decisions on your wedding day. While you may go bolder with your makeup during the reception or dinner party, keep the risk level low and don’t go too bold during the wedding itself. This isn’t the time to experiment and all of those photos that will be taken on your big day will prove that.

13. Keep it natural.
Bridal makeup is based on a natural look. It really does help if you have beautiful skin since this will be the canvas of your makeup. Nonetheless, every element should be kept natural. The eyeshadow should be neutral, the eyeliner shouldn’t be too thick, the false eyelashes should look more feathery and thick, instead of theater- or club-like. Last, but not least, the eyebrows should be soft and well-groomed.

Your wedding day will be one of the best moments in your life, so make it a day you will always remember with beautiful makeup, photos and memories.

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